10 Quick Tips About Intranet solution

10 Business Savvy Tips on how to Upgrade Corporate Intranet solution as a Business Driver

Almost 95% of all corporate internal communication is based on Intranet solutions. Accessing information over the self-service portals has become very easy for employees. Intranet solutions are upgraded regularly making employee engagement all the more effective and reliable. With clear organizational goals and smarter IT layouts, Intranet solutions are getting robust and cost-effective. If you are looking for some quick tips to transform your Internal Communication Management, here’s a 10 pointer list from us on how to use Intranet Solution.

Assess your IT Budget and Scalability
Include the assessment of intranet solution in your IT budget. Evaluation of the current state using real-time analysis can help save sizeable financial resources. Prioritize on the pages and sites that employees prefer to visit more often. This would help in measuring your intranet’s scalability in future.


Opt for Social Media Intranet Software
Take your business objectives to new heights with social intranet software. Utilize the benefits of placing your IT resources in a centralized space. Social media intranet solution can beat host of issues related to marketing, sales and branding.
“For faster and smarter interaction, maintain an Intranet Solution assessment sheet”


Use it as a tool of Collaboration
Intranet solution for strengthening collaboration among employees on a social platform is a great tool. It helps tap the benefit of having a top-down management communication where messages percolate faster.


Adopt content-specific Site Hierarchy
Make your intranet suitable for navigation. Design the hierarchy of your site using content-specific pages. Place a legend field to help employees locate the links on the home page and then get directed to the desired set of information page. Better the site map, higher will be the acceptability of intranet solutions among the employees.


Use it to measure your Success gradient
If your business has hit a stale phase, use the intranet solution to measure your success. Align all your organizational goals based on the feedback from the employees. The intranet makes the accomplishment of harder tasks very easy by boosting effective communications. It also enhance flow of information.


Let employees contribute content
Use the blog ideas and pictures shared by employees. Tap the content management talent of the employees. It boosts statistical results of having an intranet solution that caters to the needs of the whole organization.


Make room for rich media contents: Adopt multichannel strategy
Use embedded links and videos to derive rich media contents for the intranet. Include simple video chats, podcasts and organize webinars. Take inspiration from the Google Plus Hang Out sessions.


Always include Remote Users in your promotion
80 % of the companies have no idea about the accessibility of their intranet solutions at remote workplaces. Enable intranet solution on BYOD and private cloud platforms. Let the employees have a hang of assessing information through mobile-enabled platforms.


Mind It: Brand It!
Boost your intranet solution’s effectiveness by lacing Email strategy with social media. Drive the content and hence the information across all multi-channel communication modes.


Put Live demos more often
Most innovations happen by accidents. Turn the intranet solution to capture this moment by encouraging live demonstrations on workplace and shop floor. Organization can extract more information on the Dos and Don’ts of business through this.