10 Signs you should invest in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an industry with exponential growth prospects, Expected to grow to a staggering $191 million by 2020, it has had a robust growth at the NASDAQ (60%) on its side too. Cloud Computing is basically offered as Infrastructure as a Service – Iaas, Software as a Service – Saas and Platform as a Service Paas Model. The industry is driven by multiple benefits the end users enjoy. Prime amongst these benefits is the integration and ability to use software and work seamless across multiple devices, Store and retrieve files on demand, enhancing ease of use, anywhere anytime.

This translates as scale of operation for the SME who with the power of cloud computing is now on par and at times excelling large organization. Cloud computing is definitely an added edge that enhances workflow and productivity adding speed to performances for all employees anywhere and anytime; These advantages ensure better business results for an organization and a stronger IT foundation for the future. Our top ten reasons for businesses to shift focus to the cloud are.


Augmented storage space
Augmenting the on-device storages are a story of the past. However the storage crunch faced by an organization is easily solved with cloud storages, these stores data virtually on a remote server, freeing the limited space on device and providing unlimited space on cloud. Centralized data centers sthat provide for storage solutions are on the rise with Infrastructure as a service being adopted as prime offering here.


Superior security
Cloud computing ensures your data is safe and secure both physically and virtually. Servers are safeguarded under surveillance and virtual protection from hackers is a defined task of the cloud computing Services Company.


Agile business
The responsiveness in a business environment ensures growth. With cloud computing the agility of a business to compute and collate or sheer connect and be responsive is heightened; all this without the heavy investment on state of the art infrastructure and alert maintenance. With the administrative work offloaded, you significantly save on time and business at its core remains the prime focus.


High Saver
When data is managed on the cloud, the cost of infrastructure and maintenance is highly reduced. One saves on the cost of an IT team hire as the cloud computing companies provide their own teams to manage your data. Add to this the cost saved on software licenses etc as everyone is working from one central virtual system.


Better organization
Cloud computing has led to virtualization of technology. Cloud application development companies provide various applications that link the software and the applications most used by a user seamlessly. Cloud services allow users to organize and stream line them in a user friendly manner for improved data accessibility and productivity.


24/7 – 365 days Technical Assistance
Not only is the virtual team available round the clock to service your need, cloud computing services company ensure there are tutorials and troubleshoot manuals available to help you navigate the program easily, eliminating dependency and enhancing better usage for all.


Increased efficiency
Cloud Computing works on a central data system resulting in more real time data for business decision that are in sync with real market needs. Thus the efficiency of business operations is higher and valid than mere speculations or predictions that were the trend earlier. This increased efficiency across large data computations is a sure shot sign of business shifting to cloud computing.


Integration for flexibility
The cloud offers a high degree of flexibility by integrating the data availability across devices like smart phones, laptops, tabs etc to provide seamless access across multiple devices. This flexibility greatly reduces the exchange of emails and helps one go mobile easily.


Disaster Management
Never lose a document to an accident again. With the data stored virtually, rain or sunshine, fire or floods, these will not affect your data. It remains safe and free from any consequence of physical damage to your office.


Eco friendly
Cloud computing directly results in reduced hardware usage and in turn a reduction in material waste. The cloud computing is the go green mode of business operations. Your carbon footprints are reduced and you emerge as a more socially responsible organization contributing to the future of your planet – A definite win –win situation in the ever-growing gadget prone modern lifestyles of today.

With these business solutions cloud computing is poised to attract all, the best time to invest in cloud computing is now. Be it as an infrastructure, as software or as a platform cloud computing in its various segments is set to grow in quantum leaps. But the telling signs are here and growing more vivid, vital and virtual every day. Leap for your place in the cloud today.