6 Quick Tips to Enhance your Ecommerce Website

E-Commerce has been growing rapidly, several standalone store have opted for Omni-channel approach where they have their own stand-alone brick and mortar store along with an Online Store. Hence procuring benefits from both. We have seen people approaching us for website optimization as people with website are not able to generate the expected revenue. Hence running low on ROI.

Stand-alone store have approached us for website optimization as their website were not able to generate the expected revenue. On our previous blog we discussed the benefits of having an online store (Infographic), here we will provide you, 6 quick tips to improve your ecommerce website.

Here are the 6 Quick tips that will help you Enhance your E-Commerce Website:

Unique Title
On an E-Commerce website there are number of products and for each product there are specific pages. Therefore, it is crucial that each page should have its own different title. It’s crucial because, page title or H1 tag is what the search engine fetch.


image source : www.mintangle.com

Targeted Keywords
For specific products there are certain search terms called keywords. These keywords needs to be added to the title and also on the description of the product. This will help you attain visibility on search engine.

Clear product Images
Images of the product on the product page should be of high quality and of the original product. This is important because people will not be shopping by touching and feeling the product but will be shopping with their eyes.


image source : www.mintangle.com

Product Description
Description of the product should be in detailed and in readable format. It will help visitors to know more about the product and make their purchase decision. Description should include the price, shipping charges, offers (if any) and the product specifications.

Responsive Design
In the ear of mobile it is mandate that your E-Commerce website functions well on mobile devices, that is, Laptop, tablet and smartphones. This will enable customers to reach your store from any devices giving them the flexibility and convenience.


Secured Payment Gateway
Customers shopping on your E-Commerce website are trusting on your website with their payment details. Therefore, you have to be sure that your payment gateway has fraud and prevention services along with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

Additional to that, payment gateway should have multiple card & currency support and also the cart compatibility.

These were few basic tips that would help you get a first level help that might generate business from your E-Commerce website. There are many more, which we will be mentioning soon. Or you can even contact us for free consultation.

Commercium assists Stand-alone stores in developing and driving maximum revenue from their e-store and ensure that their customers can buy the products from anywhere anytime using any device.