Android N Features You Need to Know

Since its first official update released on March 9, Android N Developer Preview has managed to stir up quite a lot of excitement. Still a working title for Android mobile operating system built exclusively for current Nexus devices, Google’s latest release will allow most supported devices to be upgraded directly.

Android N Timeline to final release

Here are some astonishingly refreshing features that you just can’t miss.

New Android Beta Program (

Easy installation in 5 minutes
Android N will be the easiest Developer Preview to be ever introduced by Google. The Android Beta Program now eliminates the need to manually install the updates. The System Updates are available on device’s settings which can be linked to Android Beta Program website.

Multi Window mode

Split screen with side by side view and resizing options
The biggest and most revolutionary feature to make its entry in Android N Developer Preview kit is the Multiple Window mode. Though it still needs to be supported by compatible applications, the side by side option will allow the developers to set the app windows to their smallest size. There is a smart multi-picture mode, also known as Picture-in-picture mode that functions like background TV play and YouTube.

Multi Window Mode

Smart App switch

Shuffle between recently launched applications with a flick
Easy to use, multiple window modes will appear like a pack of cards in the Overview screen. It makes choosing your app easier to initiate and remove from the list. The window can be reset to desktop, tablet and phone layouts with freedom view. This shortcut makes shuffling between multiple applications much easier in Android N.

Smart App switch

Revamped Main screen settings

Open Slide-Out menu from anywhere in the settings
Android N finally makes a small adjustment to its main screen settings. Left slide will open the slide-out menu without going back to the main screen. Jump from one screen setting to another without homing around main screen. Use OK Google command to dig deeper into Android N’s features.

Revamped Main screen settings

Improved Doze Mode

Smart hibernation for saving battery power
Android N Developer Preview looks promising with a really enticing Doze Mode that activates the moment phone screen is off for some time. There is a significant improvement on the existing Android Marshmallow platform that will smartly adjust different hibernating time for Doze Mode. It will significantly improve battery life.

Improved Doze Mode

Optimized phone memory with Project Svelte

Smart monitoring of background apps and downloads
Android N’s innovative Project Svelte is introduced to improve battery performance and its longevity. The phone memory will be optimized as Google has ensured that applications don’t run when photos, videos or files are being viewed from different sources. Most apps automatically activate the moment your phone connects to a network. Android N has removed these codes completely.

Other features that will optimize performance are:

  • Data Server Mode: Users with limited data plans will derive maximum efficiency with this feature
  • Dark Mode: Android N with tint control and automatic brightness adjustments
  • Do Not Disturb Toggle
  • Real-time Colour and Appearance adjustment
  • Built-in Phone Number Blocking
  • Emergency Info on Lock Screen

There are so many features that are yet to be unpacked by Google. So far so good, Android N for Nexus 2016 will club the best of classic Marshmallow and modern Android 7.0 Nutella.

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