eCommerce: Redefining the Grocery Store Customer Experience

Imagine a grocery store that gives you a seamless experience the moment you step in to the store till the time you check out. A store where check-out would no more be a big time hassle or will take your few seconds.

In addition to this, you start getting reminders related to social offers, possible savings or recommendations based on your shopping history. What if you were being notified the moment if someone from your house adds a new item to the shared grocery list or you were given the option to pick up in store or given a chance to review the freshness ratings?

A mobile app providing all such things will act like an icing on the cake.

Sounds far-fetched or next to impossible?

No, it is very much possible. In fact, it is much closer than we think.

The way e-commerce has spreading its wings, the day is not so far when none of the sectors will be spared by the wave of digitalization and only those will lead the race who understand the needs of a customer and giving them what they need.

Online grocery shopping is heating up

Online grocery shopping is heating up

Online shopping, mobile penetration, apps and delivery services are transforming the customers shopping behavior. The well-known example ahead of us is the grocery stores. In grocery, the changes sparked by e-commerce have been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The growth of e-commerce has outpaced the brick and mortar retail not only in developed, but also in developing markets.

According to Morgan Stanley research, globally, Fresh Online Grocery Adoption Expected to Rise From 21% to 34% in 2016. New research from Mintel reveals that 29% of UK online grocery shoppers are shopping for their groceries more online now than 12 months ago. Online grocery sales forecast is expected to reach £9.8 billion in 2016, up 13% from an estimated £8.6 billion in 2015. Sales will grow further 73% to reach £15 billion by 2020

According to Neilsen E- commerce and retail survey, one-quarter of global respondents say they are already ordering grocery products online for home delivery and more than half (55%) are willing to use it in the future.

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The driving factors in grocery e-commerce are change in customer buying pattern and their increased expectations for convenience and accessibility.

Reasons for buying groceries online

Browse or order 24*7
The best thing about online grocery shopping is that shopper can browse information 24*7 and can order the grocery items anytime.
Home delivery or Pick n collect concept
Online ordering gives the shopper the convenience of choosing home delivery or pick & collect option. Most of the stores give the shopper time slot of two hours for home delivery or collection.
Saving Money
Shopping online gives the shopper benefit of checking out the prices on comparison grocery shopping websites. By putting all the items, the shopper can know the exact price of the items and the offers associated with them. Thus, the shoppers save big time on the items..
No more waiting lines or parking hassles
Shopping online means no more waiting hassles at the checkout to pay, no parking space problem and avoid the shopping crowd
Freshness and Quality
Another thing which is being complained the most is the freshness and quality of the grocery items. Online grocery stores ensures the quality and freshness of the products being sent out for home delivery.
These all benefits has diverted the customers towards online grocery shopping. The shifted attitudes of today’s technology- savvy customers has ignited a spark in the minds of grocery retailers to explore the online market.

The retailers who have recognized that times are changing and in effect to it rapidly investing in innovative technologies are shining like anything. Leaders in E Commerce that agree to the changing times have started implementing robust customer winning and retention strategies. Other retailers have also joined the race and adopting competitive ways of increasing their market share. It’s a big wake-up call for those grocery retailers which still stuck up with the traditional form of grocery retail business

So, what are you waiting for? The world is changing, then why not you?

Don’t you want to take your business to another level?

If yes, then the grocery retailers should focus on the underlying engaging principles.

• Provide 24*7 access to products, purchases and information and services across digital environment

• Ensure seamless, consistent, individualized experiences for the customers

• Build trusted, mutually beneficial relationships that go beyond one-time transactions thereby enriching the buyer experience and moving them towards repetitive buying