Ecommerce Trends in 2015

In 2014, Ecommerce turned out to be successful and looks even better in 2015. everyone from small retail to retail giants` wants a bite of it. Hence starting an Ecommerce revolution. Now with better tech available, customer has got the advantage of shopping at home and getting it delivered at their door step.


There was a time when you had a dial-up internet connection and a stationary desktop and now we carry a supercomputer in our pocket. Technology is moving really fast and we have to adapt. If we do not adapt, we will end up losing our market share. Ecommerce has been growing and will continue to grow. Currently small stores are opting for a hybrid model, that is, having a physical store and also an ecom-website. Hence catering locally and globally, expanding their market.

Few major, trends that you will see in 2015 are:

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Apps for Ecommerce website will be on the rise, almost all the Ecommerce will have a mobile app of its own. We have seen, big players opting to revamp their existing mobile app or to develop whole new app to suit the current trend. Mobile revolution has changed the way Ecommerce were. One third of ecommerce sales comes from mobile devices.

“In only 2 years, mobile’s contribution to total sales has skyrocketed by 175%”
“Mobile now accounts for 50.3% of all ecommerce traffic”

Payments made from smartphones will be on the rise. With Apple pay, Google wallet and paypal emerging with mobile payments and allowing customers to make the payment through their smartphones. Google stats shows that people are approximately spending an average of 151 min per day on their internet enable mobile devices.

24*7 Shopping

Customers are shopping according to convenience. This could early in the morning or late at night or on Sunday afternoon. they could be using mobile device, desktop or a tablet. This means the merchants needs to come with an flexible solution that will adapt to smartphones, tablets and desktop, hence giving the shoppers a flexible buying experience.
The question, is how you will manage the delivery? This will be made possible by the carrier companies who already are extending their pickup and delivery times. They will soon be providing seven days services with support, hence making it possible for you to keep your store open for 24*7.

Social Commerce

Now that you have a hybrid model setup with the delivery managed. How do you motivate the customers to buy from your online store ? This is where Social Media play a huge role! Social targeting is getting better and better. For example, facebook allows you to target likes, gender, locality, age and more. On social you engage your direct customer and when you do it, you are creating a buzz around the particular customer. Hence this helps you build a larger network and you reach more probable customers. Social Commerce sales of physical goods is expected to by 93% every year, according to Booz and Co.

Same day delivery and Store pick-up

Same day delivery services essentially provide free or chargeable delivery on the very same day. For example, amazon local are tied up with the local brick and mortar stores, this enables them to provide free and immediate shipping. Hence delivering the ordered products on the same day. This service will dominate 2015. There is another similar concept where the customer can order the product online and collect the product from the store depending on the convenience. It all boils down to 3 things: 1. being cheaper, 2. being faster and 3. being convenient. The local stores having their own ecom website have proved to be beneficial, as the local customer can order online and either collect it from the store or get it delivered at their doorstep.