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Enterprise portal helps employees and customers to be organized and connected. It also underlines the techno-savvy approach of the business that is important in the competitive world. Enterprise Portal development requires special skills of understanding business objectives and coming out with a perfect solution. Since the enterprise portal offers an integrated and personalized web solution to the employees and clients, the end-user experience should be terrific. The user interface, content, web services and portal are the core components of an enterprise portal that requires attention.


KNOWARTH offers enterprise development services the best development platform, Liferay. We have a rich experience of working with clients in diversified business areas. We understand every minute detail and business functionality so that the product fully meets business requirements. Right from system analyst to a designer and Liferay developer to a tester, each one of the team is proficient in the respective area. Our portals developed so far got acclaim and accolades from the clients.

Portal Development Services

The code base coming from the expertise of developers from across the world has proven to be reliable and stable in mission critical deployments in diverse industries.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

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Social Networking Portal

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News and Entertainment Portal

News and Entertainment Portal

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What makes Liferay portal special?

Liferay is the best open source portal development platform which simplifies the website development for enterprises. With a single presentation layer, it offers a convenient user interface to the client. Integrating or aggregating existing services, logging in through personalized services and workflow approval process; everything is highly simple using Liferay enterprise development platform.

It simplifies development process by breaking the content into small parts. It is possible to display on the page whatever is relevant only. You can display information that is contextually important. Insertion of applications, data and services can be done using individual portal windows that are called “Portlets.” Use from a long list of 60+ Portlets for customizing your work environment.

Integration of legacy system is quite easy when you use Liferay portal. Since there is only one presentation layer, you can integrate old data using several methods, including APIs. With the convenient Single Sign On process, aggregation is a matter of a single click. It makes Liferay implementation pretty fast.

Users can edit, delete or add user attributes (fields) from the front end. There is no need for modifying or altering the inherent database. It makes the portal development highly customized and user-friendly.


Why KNOWARTH’s Portal Development Services?

With a workforce of experienced and certified Liferay developers, KNOWARTH is the best Liferay portal development company if you are planning for Liferay outsourcing. The team has successfully implemented 25+ projects that speak about the proficiency and quality of work we have delivered so far.

Not only Liferay portal development, but we are expert in migration, support, and Liferay performance tuning as well. We customize plug-ins, Portlets and layouts and themes as per your enterprise portal requirement. Our team makes sure that you leverage the benefits of personalizing and customizing the most flexible and innovative portal development platform up to the maximum extent.Hiring KNOWARTH for Liferay consulting is a right decision for your business. You have partnered with the top-notch portal development company that has implemented projects successfully for varied clients.

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