Liferay Consulting Services

Liferay Portal is the right decision for your website if you are looking for integrating different programming languages and offering a seamless experience to your visitors on desktop, mobile or any other device. It also provides all standard applications needed to run on your website, and an easy to use development framework for new applications or customizations.

Being an open source enterprise portal project written in Java, Liferay possesses the capability of running on any computing platform compatible with Java Runtime Environment and application server. The project also supports Liferay Social Office, Liferay Sync, Liferay AlloyUI, Liferay Enterprise Connectivity Apps and Liferay Marketplace that are primarily used to bring corporate intranets and extranets to life.

The Liferay Portal web platform comes loaded with features essential for the development of websites and portals with a sophisticated programming interface for developers, without the need for advanced programming skills for basic website installation and administration. It includes an in-built content management system that allows building websites and portals by simple assembly of themes, pages, gadgets and navigation. However, if it is a complex portal that you need, then it is advisable to seek an experienced Liferay Portal Consultant to reap the benefits that the system provides. Liferay offers support for plugins from different programming languages, including support for PHP, Ruby, Python, Grails and other scripting applications within a robust Java framework, and is available bundled with a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.

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The code base coming from the expertise of developers from across the world has proven to be reliable and stable in mission critical deployments in diverse industries.

User friendly

User friendly

Liferay Portal simplifies your work experience. Users have a set of easy to customize personal pages, and preferences with a comprehensive collection of out-of-the-box tools providing everything needed to build better business solutions.

Business friendly

Business friendly

Liferay offers the highest return on investment (ROI) at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Compatibility with major operating systems, servers, and databases means allows trial within the existing IT environment with ease. It comes preloaded with developer tools, and themes. High-grade encryption used in Liferay Portal ensures security of data with varying layers of safety through customized access to sensitive information.

Developer friendly

Developer friendly

Liferay is capable of fitting seamlessly into any existing IT environment with dependable compatibility and reusability. Liferay Portal’s open architecture allows applications in various languages to work together seamlessly along side its own applications.

KNOWARTH provides Liferay consulting services to clients in building state-of-the-art websites, digital customer engagement portals and collaborative enterprise solutions. Liferay consultants at KNOWARTH have an extensive experience of implementations on varying ecosystems making us an ideal Liferay consulting partner for enterprise social collaboration, portals, and content management systems, e-commerce, search, and analytics.

KNOWARTH Liferay Consulting Services encompass:

Development, implementation, and deployment

Enterprise integration for ERP, CRM, ECM, CMS, e-Commerce, and learning management system

Migration strategies and performance tuning

User Interface customizations

Customizations to enhance response, develop sustainable components, portlet and widget performance

Support and maintenance services

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