Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP): Redefining Customer Experience

Liferay platform has been evolving and growing significantly over the years. Liferay 7 is out in the market and along with its release it has brought a significant transformation to the Liferay platform from multiple perspectives. Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) 7.0 incorporates a plethora of new features and improvements in the areas of Web Experience Management, Document Management and Collaboration, and Business Productivity.

Why Liferay DXP is a great choice?

Liferay DXP offer an environment which provides omni-channel experience and optimizes customer experience. Liferay 7 provides big bang features like:

1. OSGi Support: OSGi (Open Source Gateway initiatives) are standards for modular based application development. Liferay 7 has implemented OSGi support which helps to develop Liferay application as bundles or components.

OSGi helps in many ways:

a) OSGi provides ability to create an application in several components and all components together work as application and each component is independent.

b) OSGi removes class loader issues.

2. Bootstrap 3.0: Bootstrap 3.0 used in Liferay 7 gives an improved look and feel to portal and applications. It effortlessly and efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries. Liferay Bootstrap theme implements new Liferay Experience language called Lexicon.

3. Single Page Application (SPA) development: Liferay uses Senna Js Blazing-Fast Single Page Application Engine. This has resulted in faster perceived performance, better user experience, less bandwidth, low cost. Users can now navigate to anywhere without reloading an entire portal page.

4. Elastic Search: Liferay 7 uses elastic search to index its content. It supports real-time time indexing and full text search. This enhances the search functionality without breaking compatibility

5. Alloy editor: Unlike CK editor of previous Liferay version, Liferay 7 uses alloy editor which provides a better way to edit and create web content in Liferay.

6. BLADE tools: BLADE Tools are used to develop Liferay Applications as OSGi bundles. BLADE tools offer you MAVEN and GRADLE based build.

How will Liferay 7 benefit you?

The key benefits of Liferay 7 are:

Powerful Configurability: Creating configurable code is a breeze with Liferay 7. Liferay 7 provides an ease to create configurable code and applications that use Liferay’s new configuration API allow administrators to change the configuration very easily through an auto-generated user interface called System Settings.

Simple and leaner: Liferay 7 is simple and leaner as compared to its previous version. Streamlined and modular architecture differentiates it from its predecessors. Liferay 7 is also leaner in a way as its modularized core allows developers and system administrators to remove parts they don’t want. This generally reduces startup times, facilitates deployment and results in enhanced efficiency & performance.

Great extensibility: Liferay comes up with additional and few upgraded extension points which are simpler and easier to maintain as it can work across all Liferay version until the API extensions are backword compatible.

Dynamic Extensions: Extensions are dynamic in a way as they can be loaded or removed at any time during development or production.

Modular Development: Liferay 7 facilitates creating applications of all types by composing and reusing modules. It also gives an advantage of developing complete modules and runtime system based on OSGi standards.

Why organizations should embrace Liferay DXP?

1. Easy for development to use: Liferay DXP offers microservices architecture granting modularity benefits without DevOps complexity. In addition to this, the platform is also built on a secure Java platform that connects with front-end frameworks.

2. Integration and customization: Liferay DXP also has integration and customization features as it has the ability to connect systems, create new services quickly adding more power to the existing platform.

3. Data centric: Liferay DXP ensures protecting user’s data and has few safeguards in relation to this. Furthermore, it has also few components which allows administrators to gather user touchpoint data all from a single view to create better outcomes.

4. Merging business and marketing: Liferay DXP enables users to measure customer acquisition cost, develop strategies to maintain customer interest. Liferay DXP offers data and analytics that highlights customer behavior and trends throughout the customer lifecycle. The right data helps in better strategic decision-making.

Are you running on Liferay 6.x or below?

If YES, then it’s the right time to take advantage of Liferay 7 and enhance customer experience. Check out new features and redefine customer’s experience with Liferay 7.

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