LIFERAY Migration Services

With the rapid development and the technological advancement in the IT world, the customer needs and priorities are changing drastically. Liferay 7 has hit the market in a big way and has become the most preferred choice for customers who wishes to stay ahead in this era.

KNOWARTH helps customers to develop and deploy Liferay Portal Solutions and help them to gain a competitive advantage, thereby, strengthening the power of real-time information and collaboration to gain numerous organizational and business benefits.
Our liferay experts ensures that Liferay solution enables the customers to streamline operations. We deliver excellence in our services thereby combating various challenges like:

  • Maintenance problems
  • Complex architectures
  • Deployment hassles
  • Obsolete technology
  • Difficulty in finding well trained resources
  • Scalability issue
  • Integration issue with other system

We provide migration services not only from one Liferay version to another Liferay version but also to move their existing portals into Liferay Portal Framework.

KNOWARTH’S Liferay Migration Process

KNOWARTH helps you migrate from other portal solutions to commercially viable LIFERAY portal solution.

liferay migration process

a) Planning & Initiation

  • Define Scope
  • High Level Estimation
  • High Level Plan
  • Team Formation

b) Requirement Analysis

  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Performance & Security Requirements
  • Integration Requirements
  • Browser & UI Requirements

c) Design

  • Reverse Engineer Existing Code
  • Prepare Design for Refactoring Existing Code
  • Identify JSP changes done through Hook & Extension
  • Identify Database changes by Database comparison
  • Prepare Design for any Existing Integrations

d) Migration & Porting

  • Re-engineer the Code to Liferay 6 as per Design
  • Perform Data Migration on Actual Data
  • Troubleshoot and Prepare Extra Database Scripts for Data Issues
  • Migrate Document Library and Image Gallery Data if in the scope

e) Testing

  • Verify Functional Requirements
  • Compare Existing and New system
  • Compare Performance of Existing & New system
  • UI Verification

f) Promotion & Production

  • Prepare deployment Strategy
  • Required Documentation
  • Roll-back Strategy
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We help you to

  • Plan for the upgrade approach
  • Leverage out of the box Liferay portlets
  • Re-design and implement custom portlets, theme and layout
  • Migrate applications, content and databases
  • Test and validate the upgrade
  • Follow all the post upgrade best practices

If you have the requirement document ready, then email us at marketing