LIFERAY Performance Tuning

LIFERAY is the one of the most preferred portal platform. LIFERAY is scalable and supports all the web browsers, tablets and mobile devices. Once you have the portal developed and fully functional, you will have to keep the performance in check. LIFERAY performance tuning is aimed to provide the perfect user experience for any portal built on Liferay. A well-developed enterprise portal is sure to have lot of features and functionalities. Hence each feature and functionality needs to be optimized and tuned to perfection to avoid delays.

Application Issues Affects

Application issues Affects

  • Project Cost
  • Sales
  • Productivity
  • Customer
  • Profit
  • Schedule Delays
Organizations need to pay attentions to

Organizations need to pay attentions to

  • Don’t wait for performance issues to occur
  • Get architecture, design, code reviewed by experts
  • Plan load testing, tuning & benchmarking in advance

Common reasons of Performance Bottlenecks

Architecture Issues

  • No caching implemented
  • Improper architecture to meet scalability requirements
  • Incorrect integration architecture

Design Issues

  • Database Design Issues
  • Inefficient component design
  • Incorrect use of design patterns

Deployment Issues

  • Application server configuration issues
  • Java configurations issues
  • Webserver configuration issues
  • Cluster configuration issues

Code Issues

  • Memory Leakage in code
  • Improper use of Loops
  • Too many unused objects

KNOWARTH Portal Performance Tuning Services

Application Review Service

Application Review Service

  • We offer application review engagement throughout project lifecycle to perform following reviews by our experts
    • Architecture Review
    • Design Reviews
    • Code Reviews
  • We deliver easy to understand review and recommendation reports following these reviews

Implementation Service

  • We can be engaged to implement review recommendation from
    • Application Review Service
    • Site Performance Assessment Service
  • We can work jointly with your team to implement these recommendations

Site Performance Assessment Service

  • We can be engaged for site performance assessment service wherein we conduct end to end review of your application. Briefly we conduct following activities
    • Architecture Review
    • Deployment Review
    • Configuration Review
    • Load Testing & Tuning

Portal Performance Assessment Service

KNOWARTH’s LIFERAY performance tuning, we measure all the key performance metrics and optimize the configurations depending on the measured metrics and then make the changes accordingly.

Performance Assessment Service
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Why KNOWARTH for LIFERAY Performance Tuning?

Our technology experts with sound experience on performance assessment and turning work on such engagements. Collectively our team successfully delivered more than 15+ such assignment in their past experience. Out team includes people who authored book on performance best practices (Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices). We have a very well defined approach to accomplish performance assessment and tuning assignment. We deliver detailed assessment report which can be used to implement recommendations.

Our team has strong experience on the technology expertise in the following technologies:



Apache Web Server

Apache Tomcat


Apache Solr