Oil & Gas Industry: How Can ERP Ease Operations and Increase Efficiency

Complex business problems require application of innovative thought rather than a splash of money. Business leaders have acknowledged this fact for long and technology has come forward to prove them right on every occasion.

Something similar occurred when businesses expanded beyond geographical boundaries and technology came to their rescue by enabling faster, secure and efficient communications and data transfers. Oil and gas industry is among the many beneficiaries of this technology. With workforces spread in distant geographical locations, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solutions give business owners the peace of mind in the knowledge that they have access to tools to address day-to-day business challenges that ensure growth for the business.

When it comes to ERP solutions, SAP and Oracle are undoubtedly the biggest ERP software development companies. But thanks to the leaps in technology, many open source ERP solution providers are available today that accomplish the same task of enabling ease and efficiency of business operations.


Monitoring daily tasks and employee performance

Tracking daily critical field operations like land and water management, rig management, fleet tracking, compliance documentation, and site engineering, along with project and employee progress is crucial for efficient business operations. It is physically impossible to travel to each remote location to collect the required data. ERP solutions make it easier done than said for supervisors and team leaders to connect with the workforce in these locations and collate the data in real time.


Reduced operational costs

ERP solutions are deployed in a central location with remote locations connected as nodes to the central servers. This immediately reduces the capital requirements of having to deploy additional personnel at the remote locations to accomplish any task. Open source ERP software come loaded with functions like file transfer protocols, shareable calendars, email and chat communications, that enable better management of data streams and help in efficient decision making while ensuring data security and integrity across locations.


Enable collaborations, communications and problem solving

Open source ERP software have plenty of features that enable faster, secure communications between teams. Team sites, blogs and information portals within ERP solution structures can help increase productivity of teams by enabling communications in real time and allow employees from different locations to collaborate on projects and solve complex business problems. It also allows teams to connect with experts and access their opinion in a more cost effective manner. The information stored on these internal use portals can then be used as information repositories for future training and reference purposes as well.


Customized view of business processes

Whether it is an open source ERP software or a proprietary ERP solution, it comes with customizable front-end and back-end functionalities that can be molded to suit business requirements. This enables a consolidated view of the business processes for the leadership teams that are often placed at a location far away from field operations and need critical data in real time to address compliance and regulatory issues related to the business.


Business performance analytics

Supervisors and managers can access employee progress in real time. Analysis reports and performance metrics of teams and individuals assist the management in adjusting strategies that are underperforming and boost the ones that are performing well.

ERP solutions possess the capabilities of facilitating smooth operations and increased efficiency required in the oil and gas industry. An ERP software development company that understands these needs of the industry and can deliver cost effective solutions suited to oil and gas sector with open source ERP software can surely add to efficient and smooth operations of this high-stakes industry.