Pharmaceutical Companies - Digital Experience Platform

How Pharmaceutical companies can embrace Digital Experience Platform

In this ever-dynamic world where everything is getting digitized, no industry is untouched by digital transformation. The same applies to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry too. There’s a high urge for implementation of new approach to digital experience management which enables innovation, swiftness and is cost –effective too.

The use of internet on high scale has turned the game of engagement, as now consumer can be heard and at times they can influence other consumers too. The confluence of internet, social media and mobile phones have not only opened the doors to consumer empowerment but also has transformed the way we live and work. This change has a huge impact on the traditional interactions of healthcare professionals (HCP) and pharmaceutical companies.

Repositioning from brand-centric to HCP-centric. It’s time for venturing onto the digital highway

The pressure of digital health is building up. Computers and internet access have become quite prevalent in HCP offices. In past few years, it has been seen that HCP work habits are changing as most of the HCP’s have started using smartphones, tablets and computers at work. In addition to this, they are prescribing not only traditional medicines but also apps which can help patients to manage chronic diseases and ailments. Many pharmaceutical companies have created mobile applications targeted at patients and HCP’s. Pharmaceutical companies need to examine strategically the way of approaching HCP’s. They need to think strategically on the ways of making the interactions more digitized and should reposition themselves from brand- centric to HCP-centric.

Digital Systems of Interaction

These emerging systems of interaction provides the companies, a potential to offer meaningful, personalized and differentiated services to their customers. Master data management systems play a very crucial role in pharmaceutical industry as pharmaceutical companies can maintain all the HCP details along with their prescription behavior.

Digital Systems of Interaction

This is the time for pharmaceutical companies to reconsider their engagement strategies. Generally, the sales representative interacts with the CRM system and schedules a call with HCP. Figure 2 illustrates the touchpoints of connected HCPs to understand the extent of their interactions. Typically, the sales rep interacts with the CRM system and schedules a call with the HCP. These discussions are captured in the form of call notes and are updated in the CRM system

Pharma companies also conduct virtual web conferences, events to spread knowledge about scientific advancements and course materials which help HCP’s to update their professional knowledge.

To convert their digital interactions into profitable business outcomes, pharmaceuticals firms must invest in a software platform with versatile capabilities. Such a platform should leverage technology advances, such as audio/videoconferencing and digital content management, and be intuitively capable of serving an Omni-channel audience across mobile, Web and social platforms. It should also be seamlessly integrated with other systems within the pharma enterprise. Figure 3 (next page) highlights the ideal reference architecture for such a platform.

Ideal architecture of HCP engagement platform

Pharmaceutical companies must invest in platform that has versatile capabilities and which converts digital interactions to profitable business outcomes.

HCP engagement platform

The platform should leverage technology advances, such as audio/videoconferencing and digital content management and should be capable enough to provide an Omni-channel audience across mobile, Web and social platforms. It should be seamlessly integrated with other systems.

The key functional elements of the platform are:

  • Engagement portals: The purpose of these portals is to disseminate brand information and Portals are intended to disseminate brand information and to facilitate engagement with the HCP
  • Web conference systems: These systems manage webcasts and webinars and enable virtual management of educational and promotional meetings.
  • E-mail marketing systems: These systems create, send and track promotional and informational e-mail to HCP’s. It allows vendors to offer various products and services related to e-mail and campaign management.
  • E-detailing apps: These apps comprises product and brand detailing apps designed for scientific conversations and they help the HCPs to understand the product
  • Social media management: This helps the pharmaceuticals company to understand the social media conversations of HCP communities
  • Events management: These capabilities help life sciences enterprises manage and execute events end-to-end.
  • Systems of insight: As there is huge amount of data involved in HCP engagement platform, it’s very important to measure the operational effectiveness. Some of the analytics capabilities include a 360-degree view of the HCP, operational analytics, predictive analytics and closed-loop feedback. In addition, the target platform should also possess strong capabilities in integration, security, compliance and analytics

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is one such platform which will create, manage and deliver end-to-end customer experiences consistently across every touchpoint.

Business Benefits

Improve the Customer Experience
Liferay DXP improves the customer experience as it keeps people engaged across the full customer lifecycle. It shows and manages the content all from single, integrated platform.

Understand Your Customers
DXP help you understand your customers and turn each interaction into an opportunity for customer insight.

Lay the Foundation for Digital Agility
Liferay has flexible and modular architecture and it also provides the ability to integrate applications thereby creating digital experiences based on the customer needs.

The Digital Experience Platform helps you create connected customer experiences finely tuned to your customer’s needs in any device or context. KNOWARTH Technologies are pioneers in non-proprietary Enterprise Solutions. You can reach us on