Security Breaches that an Application Developer Should keep in Mind

Security Breaches that an Application Developer Should keep in Mind

As business houses increase their investment in developing high-quality mobile apps, they are equally worried about the inherent threats and risks of it. Breaching security is the prominent ones. Studies indicate that as people access mobile apps extensively, there are chances of breaking security norms because of vulnerability in the code. Malicious people may take advantage of a poor code and hack an app or get access to important data. Therefore, it is highly important that application developers must consider important security breaches that may cause a great harm.

Breaching Security

Data analysis of the research conducted to understand the impact reveals that as high as 40% apps contained security vulnerabilities, and almost equal percentage contained malware. Similarly, unsecured data connection vulnerabilities found in 30% of the cases. The numbers are quite alarming. It means developers and analyst are required to take utmost care during the development process.

Developers must take care of the prime security breaches

Leakage of Sensitive Data
Leakage of sensitive data:
Even if a large chunk of apps contains this security breach, most of the times it gets ignored because of lack of awareness. Developers admit that they miss the data leakage vulnerability. Malware attacks the application because of poor coding or loopholes and major damage happens. Since the problem is more prevalent in Android operating systems (and it is the most popular and widely used platform), it is furthermore critical to take appropriate security measures. However, other platforms like Apple are also not 100%foolproof. There have been cases of data breached there also.

Password & Administrative Security Breaches
Password and administrative security breaches:
Another critical aspect is the security breach about password security and administrative rights leakage. Weak passwords can be tracked and tapped by malware and others can intrude into the system easily. They can hack administrative accounts and take full control of it by changing the passwords. Sometimes, the intruders do not let their presence felt to the actual administrator and carry out malicious activities. Experts say that this is a serious issue, and system analysis, designers, and security in-charge should take steps to include appropriate measures in the codes. Developers must follow the guidelines and make the code foolproof.

Why does a security breach happen?

Why does a security breach happen?
During the surveys conducted to understand the fundamental reason for it, a majority of developers admit that inability to detect is the biggest culprit. Experts underline that it is a big issue. Since developers are unable to detect even the occurrence of a problem, they can’t correct it.
Since security breach may cause great harm to the organization, they should not be taken lightly. According to the studies, the losses are in millions. Developers complain that since they are supposed to deal with the legacy systems sometimes, it becomes difficult sometimes to incorporate appropriate security measures in the code.
Code volumes and business demands force them to ignore security measures. Developers complain that they can’t take adequate precautions due to pressures of delivering apps quickly. However, these limitations should not become an inhibiting factor in offering well-secured apps to users.