Tips for Designing an Effective Mobile App

Tips for designing an Effective Mobile App

As modern technology is spreading its wings in the business world, mobile phones have become a necessity and that’s why it is imperative to develop a mobile app. Mobile app development is flourishing nowadays at a very fast rate. Right from games, health & fitness to news and online shopping, there’s nothing left in this world which is bereft of a mobile app.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, an average person interacts with his/her mobile device 150 times a day. The majority of time is being spent on accessing a variety of apps

Now the question is- how do you keep a user engaged on a mobile app? Well, the answer to this is a “good user-experience.” This is where UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) comes into picture. A bad UI design can affect your app’s credibility. A bad User Experience can be a result of bad User Interface. So, it becomes very necessary to consider both the things while app development as both UI and UX goes hand in hand.

However, creating an interactive mobile app is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are few design tips that needs to be considered while designing a mobile app.

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  1. Responsive Design: While creating mobile app, it’s very important that your app should be compatible with variety of devices. Testing the user experience through various types’ of devices ensures device compatibility.
  1. Simplicity and Consistency: The basic design of the app should be simple, clear and easy to navigate. An intuitive and user-friendly app encourages the users to download and retain them for a long time. Similarly, consistency should be maintained throughout the app so that UI doesn’t create any confusion in user’s mind.
  1. Personalized User Experience: Before creating a mobile app it is very important to understand your target audience, needs and problems. This would help you to offer a personalized user experience. Another important thing is that the app design should match with the operating system. Thus, your app will be available and functional across many devices and platforms.
  1. Color Selection: The user interface of the mobile app should be free from clutters and easy to navigate. Right color combination should be used which is appealing to the users and should help in building a strong emotional relationship between your customers and service/products.
  1. Log-in via Social Media: The app should allow flexibility to log in via different social media accounts. This will provide an ease to users to not to open different accounts for different apps.
  1. Prototyping: Prototype help clients and development team to understand the workflow of app. This allows them to make any changes in case if they find anything wrong with the workflow.
  1. Understand your users: The most important things which need to be taken care off while app creation is to understand your users, their expectations and technical capabilities. The better you understand your users, the better you can design your app.
  1. Choosing the right platform: Before going for app designing, the thing you need to decide is the right platform (Native & Hybrid Apps)that would work for your application. It should be decided in prior whether the goal behind your app is to make money or business promotion.
  1. Security and accessibility: Security and 508 compliance for accessibility should be taken into account at the earlier stages of mobile app development. This will reduce the project execution time and enhance the app user’s overall productivity.
  1. Evaluate and test the design: Test the design thoroughly from the beginning. Rectify the errors in the earlier stages of development so that there are no major glitches at the later stages of development. This will not only reduce the possibility of re-working on app but also saves time and cost.


The market for mobile app development will continue to grow. To make your app stand out from the crowd, the user interface should be unique, intuitive and interactive. By adhering to standard guidelines of app design, one can design such app.

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