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Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms- Which platform fits your Business?

Ecommerce market is very gigantic and expanding tremendously. The technology associated with Ecommerce is taking a forward leap and evolving at a faster pace. Every small to medium size businesses wants to establish a strong online presence and this has become the need of an hour.

Many ecommerce store owners are turning towards open source Ecommerce solutions. There are several open source Ecommerce platforms that are not only free but also offers great customizability, scalability and community support. These things also arise several questions in your mind like- what is open source, which is the best open source Ecommerce solution, will it be a good choice for my small store, will it be strong enough to create a store for a large chain etc.

Open source software is a software whose source code can be easily modified or updated by anyone. Open source solutions can be developed to fit the needs of retailer.

Here’s a sneak peek at the best open source Ecommerce solutions available in marketplace.

1. Magento


Magento is considered as the best Ecommerce software for enterprises and fast growing businesses.  It offers flexibility, complete customization and scalability. Magento has two editions – Community and Enterprise Edition. So, it can be used from small scale to large scale eCommerce business. Community edition is larger and developer friendly.

Magento has various Ecommerce features all of which can be customized with plug-ins and extensions:

  • Web Design: It allows you to choose theme from thousands of themes being available across Magento platform. Then look, feel and functionality can be customized as per brand.
  • Shopping Cart: Magento takes care of everything from checkout to secure payment processing. Customer checkout is possible by signing up for an account or by using the service as a guest. Customers can choose from multiple payment-processing options offered by Magento or can use their preferred payment gateways.
  • Order Management: Admin panel can be used to manage transactions, fulfill and ship orders, issue invoices, extend credit etc.
  • Customer service: Magento provides customers instant access to purchase history or to track information of current orders.
  • Product Management: Magento allows easy export, import and manage inventory. It also offers customization of product pages with images, zoom-in capabilities, special pricing options and other storefront customizations.
  • Mobile Commerce: Magento uses responsive design to create a better customer experience by optimizing product pages on mobile devices.
  • SEO:Magento SEO’s tools and configurations can be used to boost traffic to your store.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Online store performance can be measured with analytics and reporting. Traffic can be monitored and various reports like detailed sales report, shopping cart reports, stock and inventory reports, coupon usages report can be generated.
  • Multiple Websites: For fast, easy store management, multiple websites can be run using single Magento account

Other Benefits

  • PHP programming language
  • Powered by Zend Framework
  • B2B and B2C solutions
  • Excellent flexibility and expandability (there exist more than 6400 of official extensions)
  • The possibility to use a single admin panel for multiple stores
  • Adaptive design in a packaged solution
  • Built-in marketing tools (there is a sufficiently mature functional of user’s segmentation, allowing to choose almost any user separation type)
  • The architecture is optimized for multi-channel commerce
  • Third-party solutions can be integrated to enhance functionality.
  • Magento can be installed on preferred Web-hosting provider, which gives you more control over your website and the entire platform.

2. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a free, full-featured shopping cart plugin for WordPress websites and blogs. Woo-Commerce offers basic and advanced Ecommerce features that help you to grow your business. The target audience of Woocommerce are small- scale retail shops.

  • Payment Processing: It allows you to use PayPal to process payments or you can choose WooCommerce multiple payment gateway options to accept credit card and even COD (Cash-On-Delivery). Woo commerce also handles recurring and auto payments in case of subscription services.
  • Storefront: WooCommerce integrates with free WordPress storefront theme which allows you to create online store within few minutes.
  • Back-end operations: Back end operations like order fulfillment can be done directly from the WooCommerce dashboard. It also offers inventory management tools.
  • Marketing: It also allows you to run variety of promotions, such as discount options, coupon campaigns and free shipping offers

Other Benefits

  • WooCommerce allows you to build online store by using WooCommerce’s multiple themes or from WordPress or third party developers.
  • WooCommerce offers various free and paid extensions that allows you to integrate different apps that help you to grow your business.

3. SAP Hybris

      SAP Hybris

Sap Hybris works on both the web and mobile devices. It supports search and merchandising, master data management, web content management and order management. It gives a holistic view of a customer, with specific functionality tailored to the needs of the retail, manufacturing, software and services, media or telecommunication sector. SAP is advantageous for big- budget large scale eCommerce business.

Other Benefits

  • Java programming language
  • Powered by Zend Framework
  • B2B and B2C solutions
  • The possibility to use a single admin panel for multiple stores
  • Multiple websites support
  • Architecture is optimized for multi-channel commerce
  • Built-in SEO optimization tools

4. ATG Web Commerce by Oracle

Oracle ATG Web Commerce

Oracle’s ATG Web Commerce delivers a consistent and personalized customer buying experience across all customer touch points, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores, and more.

The various Ecommerce features which ATG Web Commerce provides are:

  • B2B Module— Build a B2B e-commerce site with advanced online selling, merchandizing, personalization, and dynamic targeting capabilities
  • b) Unified Multisite Architecture—   Shares commerce and personalization resources, including content and components, between e-commerce sites
  • Data Anywhere Architecture— accelerate integrations and minimize integration costs.
  • ATG Commerce Reference Store— a customizable, pre-built storefront with the latest commerce best practices

Other Benefits

  • Java programming language
  • Powered by Spring Framework
  • B2B and B2C solutions
  • A template for rapid implementation of a standard store has been included
  • iOS mobile app is included in the packaged solution
  • The possibility to use a single server for multiple stores is there.
  • The architecture is optimized for multi-channel commerce
  • Built-in marketing tools (there are functional scenarios worked out, allow to divide users into target groups)
  • Advanced features help customers quickly find desired products, learn about new offerings, comparison shop, register for gifts, preorder products, redeem coupons.
  • It also offers an integrated set of SaaS commerce services. Customer engagement at the point of interaction is possible through these services through targeted promotions, recommendations.

5. Web Sphere Commerce by IBM

Web Sphere Commerce

Web Sphere Commerce deliver seamless and consistent Omni-channel shopping, including mobile, social and in-store. It also helps engage your customers with brand experiences through relevant content, marketing and promotions. The various features and capabilities of WebSphere Commerce are:

  • Microsites & Subsites: It allows you to create various unique sites to serve different brands and business models.
  • Order Fulfilment:  Customer experience can be improved through greater inventory visibility and order status.
  • Digital Analytics: It provides you deep insights regarding customer interaction with your brand across various channels.
  • Sales Configuration: Allows guiding customers through configuring complex products and services through enhanced search and navigation capabilities.
  • Marketing and Merchandising: It allows you to deliver offers and promotions across multiple channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It enables search engine “spiders” to index dynamic page. Site mapping tool is there to generate site map with static URLs and spider optimized page content.
  • Easy social media integration: Built-in like and share buttons on all homepages and product page; automatic social site bridging allows Facebook members to see any products’ ratings, reviews, and other content created by their friends

Other Benefits

  • Enables Cross-Channel Optimization
    • Deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels, with a set of ready-to-deploy Web 2.0 shopping flows and open, standards-based interfaces that integrate with supply chain solutions, ERP and distributed order management applications
    • It provides a seamless experience to the mobile shoppers by providing extensive support for smart phones, mobile devices and tablets.
  • Support Customer-centric experience
    • Deliver a rich customer experience with powerful precision marketing capabilities, rich Web 2.0 widgets and mobile commerce features.
    • Enhance the customer experience with search capabilities, enabling business users to manage search term associations and merchandising rules.

Among all these Ecommerce platforms, Magento is considered as the most preferred platform because of its scalability, features and brilliant extensions. Thus it provides an edge over other open source Ecommerce platform.

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