Undesirable situation in business process that confirms the need of an ERP Consultant!

Entrepreneurs & companies invest a fortune for implementing the best ERP solution available in the market. However, people stuck up at times and don’t see a path ahead. It is undoubtedly a challenging situation where you need someone expert who can guide further. Interestingly, the need for ERP consultant is common irrespective of the fact that you are implementing it for the first time or upgrading to the higher version.
Unfortunately, companies do everything that is required for a successful implementation. They talk to the best vendors, discuss the requirements at-length and understand the features and modules offered by the ERP system. However, they fail to search for someone who can facilitate and make the implementation fast. Even if a consultant is not hired initially, a moment comes when you feel the need of it badly. Experts say it is important to know the symptoms and signs of it.

Symptom 1: When you feel, there are jerks and quakes in the implementation process

Even if you choose the best ERP solution in the basket, it is not going to be a smooth sail if the implementation is not well-planned. You start the implementation process with a big bang, but there are trembles and jumbles in between. You work on the facts and derive realistic expectations. The team decides deadlines based on right estimations. In spite of all this, the project gets delayed. People lose interest slowly, and there is a great chaos. It is the right time you should hire an ERP consultant. He knows the industry standards. He talks to the stakeholders and negotiate on deliverables. It brings the things right on track.

Symptom 2: When you feel, you are losing the insight

Situations come when people lose insight on the process. Though they are the subject matter experts, operational issues take over ERP implementation, and the focus gets disturbed. Sometimes, people chose a generic ERP system that needs extensive customization as the things move ahead. Experts say that it is the right time to call an ERP consultant who quickly controls the situation and bring back the concentration on the right aspects. He talks to ERP vendors and ask questions to safeguard your interests.

Symptom 3: When you feel, ROI is getting affected

As a successful business owner, you keep a close watch on the Return on Investment. You invest huge amount when the ERP implementation takes place. Therefore, it becomes further critical that it completes in time and you start getting benefits of it. The moment you feel that Return on investment is getting affected, immediately hire an expert consultant. He knows how to tackle the issues and speed up the process. Let the decision making and implementation be handled by him so that tangible benefits can be obtained in a short period.

Symptom 4: When there is a great resistance down the line

ERP implementation is not a smooth sailing in every organization. Some are open for it, and some face a great turmoil because of resistance at all levels. Operational people feel the threat of retrenchment and managers feel the threat of losing control over the situation. If you do it in-house, then the impact is severe. Those who are not part of ERP process will not get engaged in it. Experts say that when a consultant manages the show, you reach to the finishing line without hassles. He has the subject matter knowledge and authority to guide people and put adequate pressure to get the things done if required. It is a big differentiating factor.


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