What makes Amazon Web Services (AWS) a Lucrative Cloud Solution

What makes Amazon Web Services (AWS) a Lucrative Cloud Solution?

Amazon, the undisputed leader in the online retailing business searches business possibilities in an altogether different niche, offering processing power to novice and established businesses. Cloud computing is not something new for Amazon. It used it solely for years without any competition. The online retain giant wants to take advantage of the boom in the cloud computing market. Since the company has a widespread reach and excellent rapport, leveraging it for the new business won’t be much difficult.

Early mover’s benefit:

Early mover’s benefit
It is a fact that in any business the first movers reap the maximum benefit. Microsoft is a classic example where nobody has been able to capture market share in the desktop operating system market till date. The market is quite young, and there is a long way to go. With an early dominance, the company will be able to establish a winning lead. It will be greatly difficult for others to enter and get established in the cloud computing niche.

Moreover, the company has a rich experience of leading another major business i.e. online retail market. With a strong sense of marketing, it would make offers incredibly lucrative for both established as well as novice players. With dynamic product and competitive pricing Amazon wants to create a loyal customer base very fast.

What makes it a lucrative cloud solution?

Amazon launched the web services (AWS) business in 2006 that is known as cloud computing today. The biggest advantage of cloud computing is a great saving on the infrastructure cost. In the competitive business world where bottom lines are always under fire, it comes out as a great sigh of relief. Entrepreneurs are not required to break their heads on IT infrastructure forecasting and planning. They can concentrate on the core business. It is possible to spin servers as and when required. A few distinct benefits of Amazon web service is:

    • Inexpensive: Cloud services offered by Amazon are low-priced where users are required to pay at actual. There are no additional charges or commitments. Since the company believes in the philosophy of building the infrastructure of massive magnitude and economy of scales, customers get benefited with low-priced services. It is evident by an announcement of slash of prices in the recent years for cloud services by Amazon.
    • Amazon cloud is agile and instant: In the competitive market today, nobody has the time to wait for weeks and months for infrastructure deployment. Everyone wants an instant solution to minimize the opportunity loss. With amazingly fast solution by Amazon clients can scale up or scale down it almost instantly. Virtual servers are available on demand and that too round the clock
    • Amazon offers fully secured, flexible and open cloud: Amazon Web Service is one of the best in the niche. It is a certified cloud platform that is audit and security compliant. The data centers have multiple layers of physical and operational security as per international IT norms. Amazon cloud platform supports a wide spectrum of operating systems and languages. Users can choose any programming model that they feel suitable for their business environment. This flexibility gives immense freedom to them for creativity and innovation. It is the fundamental requirement of business growth.
    • Innovation is the key to success: It is a company that earns the reputation for highly innovative services. In cloud computing arena also, it releases products that are distinctively different. They recently announced QuickSight, the new-age analytic tool for non-IT people who need hassle-free data analysis and sharing services. Though it is available to a limited audience as of now, there are plans to go with a big bang in 2016.

The past and the future

Over the last decade, Amazon has established in the market as one of the prominent player in the field of cloud computing and today it makes the position further strong by selling the services to more and more companies.

Contrary to the popular belief that Amazon is making money by selling cloud services to startup companies only, it is expanding the reach to established companies as well. Annual reports reveal that it has a handful of corporate giants like BMW and GE. According to company sources, the penetration to mainstream business has been quite successful and there will be many more engagements in the coming years. It clearly underlines that the company is highly serious about the business, and it doesn’t want even a single opportunity loss.

With supreme quality services of application hosting and dynamic web hosting, it offers scalable IT infrastructure. The growth path so far has been quite exciting and it continues in the future as well. The company is determined to achieve new heights in this happening market by offering products that are incomparable. Since the processes and workflows are fully established, diversification will be a cakewalk for Amazon.

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