Why are Companies holding back even though Cloud is growing?

Evolution of IT managed services has given the possibility of Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing enables IT resources to be consumed as a utility and be delivered as on-demand services over the Internet. SMEs benefits from this by reducing capital investments and operations issues. Yet, SMEs have been reluctant in opting for Cloud. Why? Let’s explore in brief.


Security is the major concern when opting for cloud computing because when any company opts for cloud computing, all the company’s private data and information are stored on a remote cloud infrastructure. It becomes the responsibility of the cloud service provider to keep the data secure and safe. If the security of the cloud service provider is breached then there will be serious problem for the company and even their existence would be a question.


By opting cloud computing companies are totally depended on the cloud service provider. This in industry terms is called “vendor lock-in”, as it is very difficult for a company to migrate from one provider to another. And when a company decides to migrate, it will be really ponderous to transfer all the data from one provider to another cloud service provider.


There are few cloud providers, who do not give timely service. If a problem arises on an odd time, your business will be affected as your cloud service provider will not be available to help you out.


Now, cloud computing is dependent on the internet connection. Therefore when your internet is offline you go offline. You, hence become dependent on your internet service provider as well. If the ISP suffers outage or offers your slower speed internet connection, this will directly impact the business.

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