Why Choose Magento for your E-Commerce Website?

Before starting any online business, it is very important to choose an E-Commerce platform apt for your business. There are many E-Commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart and OsCommerce. But Magento, being an open source E-Commerce platform, has become the most popular Ecommerce solution.

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Benefits of Magento


Open Source
Open source are considered to be more stable, reliable, flexible and cost effective. Magento being an open source, community version is available for free to all the vendors and they do not have to pay for the license. Hence Magento is the preferred choice for the small and medium businesses. Another benefit of being an open source is, of its massive community of developers who are working on the platform regularly, hence keeping the platform up to date.

Magento has the capability to grow as the business grows. That is, as business grows their number of products grows and Magento makes it easier to accommodate the products. It was developed in a way that it can easily take up hundreds of products and also their customers.

Feature rich
Magento comes with loads of feature out-of-the-box, hence business do not have to take the pain of developing features separately. The features are ideal for an E-Commerce website.

Below listed are few feature:

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Magento have the edge over other E-Commerce Platforms, Because of its E-Commerce apt features.

Mobile Ecommerce
Magento has got inbuilt mobile commerce features. This allows business to build apps for their online stores with ease. This is a plus point as mobile commerce has been growing exponentially with almost 1.2 Billion people having access to mobile devices.

Advanced SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) place a vital role in driving sales to the business. And Magento have given a serious thought on SEO. To start with they have built-in Goggle analytics, which is very helpful in monitoring site performance. Magento also allows you to customize the URL’s and the Meta Tags hence ensuring Google finds the website easily.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party
This if one of the best feature that Magento provides for any online business. It not only allows business to link payment gateways and logistics but also allows them to integrate with other solutions or platforms like eBay & Amazon. This enables the business to expand their reach and grow faster.


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