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Why your restaurant needs its own mobile app?

“Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient for you.”

-Cyndie Shaffstall

In today’s world people are asleep or glued to their smartphones. Mobile has brought immense comfort and convenience in the lives of people where people does maximum of their work by mobile.

People now spend more internet time on mobile rather than desktops. Mobiles have become part and parcel of human life. In this fast growing era of development, where technology is moving at a faster pace, everything is possible with technology. Technological development has accelerated the expectations of humans. All they want is comfort and convenience.

So, to add icing on this cake of technological development, mobile apps have hit the market immensely. There is no such thing available for which mobile apps are not there. The app categories range from games to lifestyle, entertainment to travel and much more. And there are many more things which are joining this category. The niche categories which are trending are medical and navigation.

What drives people towards the use of mobile app?

Here are the reasons which answers your question.


The restaurant industry is also not left untouched by the mobile app development. According to the source, restaurant industry sales are expected to reach $783 billion in 2016. The market share of restaurant mobile app development demonstrates one of the highest growth rates in comparison to other spheres. For example, in 2015 it reached $160 million. This result is twice higher than the revenues of 2014.

2015 was dubbed as “The Year of the Mobile Web,” and it also shows the facts that the small business who doesn’t have online presence has fallen far behind in the business as compared to their competitors.

But why do people use restaurant apps? What is so special about the apps from the user perspective?

When a customer wants to place an order for takeout or delivery or book a table, mobile app is a great solution. What all is not possible with mobile app.

Thanks to the mobile app which enables the customer to view restaurant menu and prices, hours of operation, the cuisines they offer, location, contact no. One can also check out the deals, loyalty program benefits, look up nutrition information and post reviews regarding the dining experience.


Your competitors are going mobile. Then, why not you??

Mobile apps have been on the rise and catching an eye of your customers. Customers love easy and quick service and appreciate if they want all the information at the fingertips, while you love more sales, so it’s a win-win situation for the customers as well as the restaurant owners. Even if your customers are not the regular users of your app, you can keep them up to date regarding the special offers by sending push notifications.

Sense of exclusivity

By giving offers or 10-20% off exclusively through app not only boost your sales but also gives a sense of exclusivity to your customers which make them they think that they are special. So it creates a bond of loyalty and belongingness.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction automatically enhances when customers study good reviews related to your brand. Things like customer feedback make your customer think that you value your customers and their feedback matters to you a lot.

Building an app is not that expensive as you think.

Gone are the days when the development of website was costly. There was only a small number of developers and designers available. But now, as the mobile development is becoming popular day by day and holding a strong essence in business, the number of app builders have also grown to a large extent.

Now, there are more options and a large number of providers which offer bunch of inexpensive services at a very competitive rate. Planning, development and testing of the mobile app have become a bit cheaper.

Isn’t this the right time for you to start your digital business. If yes, then why are you thinking?

Stand out from the crowd and create a buzz in the market. Enhance your sales by having your own mobile app and check out how it can take your business to great heights.

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